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PAB Zakopane Poland - Accommodation, private rooms, hotels pension, villas, suites, Koscielisko, Bukowina, Bialka Tatrzanska, Murzasichle, Poronin

Podhale Accommodation Base


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PAB Zakopane PAB Zakopane

Accommodation, accomodation... it means: where to spend your free time?
Why do not choose the Polish Tatras?
PAB is the service for ones who want to rest from every-day duties,
from the bustle of big cities and spend pleasantly their free time on Podhale (Podtatrze ;))
We offer to you accomodation-base where everyone can find something adequate for him, eg. apartments, resorts, agrotouristics farms, hotels, campings, private lodgings, motels,
hostels, mountain shelters, villas, etc.
We hope we would help every tourist who marked our service to find the right decision
about vacation, rest, holiday, absence in: Banska Nizna, Banska Wyzna, Bialka Tatrzanska,
Bialy Dunajec, Bukowina Tatrzanska, Chocholow, Ciche, Czarna Gora, Czarny Dunajec,
Czerwienne, Dzianisz, Gliczarow Gorny, Gliczarow Dolny, Jurgow, Koscielisko, Lesnica,
Majerczykowka, Male Ciche, Murzasichle, Poronin, Witow, Zakopane, Zab and also in Slovakia.
We invite you from the heart!

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